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Saxophone Lessons in London

"Play Music, Express Yourself, Be Happy!"

Hi!! My name is Tom! I'm a professional teacher offering saxophone lessons in London and online saxophone lessons. I'm a jazz musician and improviser, so I LOVE MUSIC, playing, teaching, singing, dancing, writing and thinking about it!

I have been teaching for more than 11 years, and I know for sure that playing music should be fun whatever your level - if its not, youre not doing it right!

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Our teaching studio: an atmospheric picture of a saxophone in mood lighting lit by fairy lights - find a saxophone teacher near you.

Playing an instrument is a chance to let your individuality and style flourish, whether you're a complete beginner getting started, an intermediate looking to improve your groove or an advanced student looking to add some SPICE to your improvising skills. I tutor adults and children - musicians from age 8 - 80, students, undergraduates, professionals and hobby players. ITS ALL GOOD!

I like to keep creativity ALIVE in my lessons by working in harmony with your personality, skills and goals. If exams are your thing, that works too! My students have a great track record of success in ABRSM exams from Grades 1-8. I offer audition preparation for conservatoires and music colleges, as well as for Specialist Music Schools, NCO & IAPS courses.

Learn saxophone online - I'm happy teaching online for distance learners and International students. Online sax lessons can be extremely rewarding at any level and can yield excellent results! You can get access to our e-learning hub for parents and students, and a free jazz transcription database through the SaxTeacher UK website. I'm also happy to teach in-person at your home in London or at mine in Lewisham (Hither Green, Lee, Blackheath, Greenwich, Blackheath, Sydenham and Dulwich), offering a comfortable environment with access to a large variety of teaching resources and a Piano.

So what are you waiting for!? Get in touch and let the expression session begin!

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Learn Saxophone Online

Online sax lessons have become much more popular since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Having taught the full range of ability level online during the worst of the pandemic, I can confirm that even complete beginners can fully benefit from study online, although I do recommend supervision for children under 9 years old to maintain attention.

Lessons are available on Skype, Zoom or the platform of your choice.

A computer with midi keyboard and microphone on a desk ready for online saxophone lessons
A large pile of books - SaxTeacher UK teaching resources for online sax lessons

Online saxophone lessons are available in 30, 45 or 60 minute durations to suit your needs and schedule. Online classes are suitable for beginners, although I recommend 1 lesson in every 4 to be in person at this early stage.

So, whether you wish to avoid or reduce in-person contact due to COVID-19, need a one-off consult for an audition or exam, or simply prefer online saxophone lessons for convenience, get in touch today!

Pricing and Lesson Levels

Beginner Lessons

  • Posture, Breathing, Hand Position

  • Develop a foundational and flexible technique

  • Learn or develop aural skills

  • Understand and develop pulse / rhythmic awareness

  • Play your first pieces and learn to improvise!

£40 per hour

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Intermediate Lessons

  • Consolidate the basics of posture and technique

  • Improve fluency in sight reading

  • Learn jazz harmony

  • Start building a jazz vocabulary from famous recordings

  • Develop stronger time and rhythm
  • Gain confidence in improvisation

£40 per hour

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Advanced Lessons

  • Advanced harmonic techniques

  • Gain a higher level of creative expression through improvisation

  • Develop your jazz vocabulary and compositional skills

  • Advanced rhythmic techniques

  • Solve problems and break barriers to progress

£40 per hour

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Lesson Content

My lessons put creativity and self-expression at the forefront of learning, while ensuring a solid foundation for beginners in developing a solid and reliable posture / technique, a good sense of pulse and timing, and a good ear.

Learning an instrument can be challenging, so having fun during lesson time and practise exercises is a keystone element to effective learning.

A picture of a saxophone in moodlight, dark with sparkly lights behind.
A piano covered in plants and lights. Take Saxophone lessons in London with SaxTeacher UK

Whatever your level your lessons will be FUN, whether you are studying for ABRSM graded exams, learning to improvise along to a band / backing tracks, or taking your first steps with the saxophone.

I offer home-visit saxophone lessons right across London, but if you prefer to visit your teacher, my teaching room in Lewisham is available with a wide-range of teaching resources and a piano. Please enquire for further details