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Yessir, Oh, Lady Be Good is one of the most important and influential solos in the history of jazz saxophone. Lester goes hard from his pickup beat right through to his final note. It's a showcase for his incredible sound, varied articulation and phrasing and melodic compositional development. Many of the harmonic and rhythmic techniques he used in this solo set the standard for his generation, becoming a launchpad for the bebop music of the 1940s. This transcription is essential study for the aspiring jazz saxophonist!

How to Use the Transcription

Remember that transcribing an improvised solo is primarily an aural activity, not an exercise in reading. Always try to do as much as possible from the recording itself, and only use this transcription if you are really stuck on a phrase.

Advice on Deeper Study

Here are some pointers on how to really absorb the content in this amazing solo

- Go for depth not speed. It doesn't matter how fast you learn it
- Practise in shorter phrases, gradually making them longer
- Really listen to and analyse the phrasing and articulation, try to copy it exactly until you sound exactly like the recording
- Don't worry about speed, play it as faithfully as possible with perfect phrasing and articulation at a speed which is comortable and relaxed
- Learn the meaning behind each phrase, what is its history? What does it mean? What is the musical context?
- Try to imagine how Lester was feeling when he was playing this. Practise this feeling as you practise playing the solo

PDF Downloads

Please click here for a PDF download of the transcription for Tenor Saxophone
Please click here for a PDF download of the transcription transposed for Alto Saxophone